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Serving Hospitality and Lodging with Non-Hazardous Cleaning Products

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We choose to offer eco-responsible products by replacing hazardous solutions with gentler ones wherever possible because we feel that it is  the responsibility of all of us to respect the environment.   We do so by striving to offer the best product at the best price!

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Eco Green Supply LLC

  • Offering ecologically products responsible products by replacing hazardous solutions with gentler ones wherever possible. There are No Phosphates, No Nitrates, No Enzymes, No Chlorine, and are Non-toxic safe.
  • What would you say if you could change your cleaning solutions so that your employees and patrons are protected from harsh chemicals and cut your material need UP TO 50%?
  • We are confident that you will be very satisfied with the products that we offer as many hotels in the area are experiencing.
  • People who have allergic reactions to conventional cleaners may find our products more easily tolerated.

Eco Responsible

Straight Talk: What does it mean?

  • The term summarizes the company stance on the issue of environmental standards. We do claim that we have implemented  a process of continuous formal quality improvement of its formulations with the goal of achieving the following environmental objectives:
  • Phasing out the use of raw materials which the majority of competent scientists or governments fee are undesirable. You can have confidence that your selection on Eco Green Supply is a vote for the ongoing replacement of hazardous chemicals in widespread use with safer alternatives.
  • The use of accredited independent laboratories to carry out benchmark test for toxicity, volatility and bio-degradability in order to be able to document the process and progress without requiring the publication of proprietary formulations that permit competitive distinctions.
  • Rewarding criticism. It is the policy of Eco Green Supply to reward its staff and associates for information about any aspect of its operation which is below its standards in any way.

From Our Agents:

  • We would like to give you a demonstration and information on these products at your convenience.
  • We also demonstrate and train your house keeping personnel on how to save time when cleaning your guest rooms.
  • We teach your laundry department how to remove stains from your laundry and extend the life of your linens without using harsh chemicals.
  • We continually work with you on how to reduce your cost of cleaning supplies and labor.
  • Why reach for many products when a few will do the job and save you money.