Glass and Multi Surface Cleaner

Cuts through dirt, grease and grime to provide a streak-free shine on glass and many household surfaces that require frequent cleaning. Great on stainless steel and granite surfaces.

Laundry Detergent

If you  are gentle, you will love us!  Laundry products are a family of advance laundry solutions; premium quality and excellent value.
Does Not Contain: Phosphates, Nitrates, Enzymes or Chlorine.

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More solutions coming...

We are constanly creating new solutions for the industry so ensure you get the maximun benefits for your business and for your people. Clean with a Clear Mind!

All Purpose Stain Remover

A breakthrough in cleaning convenience – so versatile and yet so gentle. With over a thousand cleaning uses in one convenient solution you’ll have many ways in which to benefit from it.

Laundry Softener

By Contrast, our laundry products are all you need to achieve outstanding results for virtually all washable fabrics.

Serving Hospitality and Lodging with Non-Hazardous Cleaning Products
Laundry Stain Remover

Professional garment cleaners know that clothes today  are affected more than ever by the products used to clean them. This has led to a confusing array of detergent types and relates “special care” products.

Laundry Products in Palm Springs

Green Deodorizer

This is one deodorizing that smells amazing – and it’s economical with no harsh or toxic chemicals. It’s safe for those with asthma and allergies, too!

All Purpose Cleaner

Outdoor/Indoor All purpose cleaner. Available in ready to use and concentrate. Concentrated is great for hot-water extraction carpet cleaning machines home and industrial.


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